Church Council Minutes

2015 Minutes

2015 July Minutes

2015 May Minutes

2015 March Minutes

2015 Jan Minutes

2014 Minutes 

Note that prior to 2015, the leadership body was called "Leadership Team" and had a different composition of team members.

2014 Nov Minutes

The Church Council consists of the following Council members.

(Note: if multiple co-chairs of the same team attend, they share 1 vote):

  • Church Council Chair
  • Common Table Chair
  • Treasurer
  • Finance Chair
  • Trustees Chair
  • Staff Parish Relations (i.e., Personnel) Chair
  • Lay Leaders (2 people, each with their own vote)
  • Lay Member to Annual Conference
  • Equipping Ministry Chair (for Lay Leadership) 
  • Members at Large  (2 people, each with their own vote)
  • Youth/Young Adult Member at Large
  • Church Office Support (voice but no vote since paid staff)
  • Clergy (voice but no vote since paid staff)