These ministries help set the vision for our church, and carry out the many practical aspects of managing the church business.

Church Council

The decision-making body of the church is the Church Council.  It consists of several representatives (as required by our Book of Discipline, the governing "rule book" for United Methodist Churches) from various ministry areas.  This group meets every other month, usually on the 3rd Tuesday in the odd months. 

Staff Parish Relations Committee

This group manages the staffing and personnel aspects of the church, including clergy and lay employees.

Finance Team

Strategic planning and careful monitoring of our church income and expenses (as well as our overall church financial health), and preparing budget recommendations are the focus of this team.  

Board of Trustees

All of the church tangible assets (such as our buildings, furniture, equipment, etc.) are cared for and managed by this team.


When financial gifts are given to the church in memory of a loved one, this group helps guide the implementation of those gifts into ministry.