Living as a United Methodist

Want to know more about the United Methodist Church in general and Heritage UMC in particular? Every few months, we hold a 2-session class called "Living as a United Methodist." Everyone (newcomers, people considering membership, regular attendees, current Professing Members and everyone in between) is invited to participate. It’s an informal yet informative discussion for you to get to know Methodism and Heritage UMC better, and it's a chance for us to get to know you a bit. You will find out about ways to connect with groups, classes, and serving opportunities that will be meaningful for you as we travel the path of spiritual growth together. 

Child care is available in our Nursery.  Class sessions are held periodically as interest is expressed. You are invited to bring your coffee and snacks with you to enjoy during the class.

This sessions will cover the history of the Christian Church, including the development of the Church through the time of Paul to the birth of Methodism. We'll provide an overview highlighting the major changes and movements. We'll discuss our colorful and beautiful history including argument, intrigue, war, belief, commitment, development and successful faith.

Also we will cover the growth of Methodism as an ideology and a denomination. Who are we as Methodists? Where do the concepts of salvation, sin and grace live in our faith? This session will explore our connection and understanding of ourselves as Methodists.  Additionally, we will explore the ministries of Heritage UMC as part of this wonderful faith experience.