Worship & Musical Arts

Praising God in sermon, songs, and scripture through worship is the focus of this team.

Worship Support

Many hands and creative minds make our worship experience dynamic and engaging.  Here are some ways to get involved:

  • Liturgists (prayer readers in worship)
  • Greeters, Ushers, Guest Connections Desk Helpers
  • Communion servers and stewards
  • Sanctuary arts - beautifying our worship space for the changing seasons
  • Worship planners

Chancel Choir

The gift of song  shared in our Traditional Worship service each week by our Chancel Choir with piano accompanist.   No auditions are needed -- if you are interested, you may join this adult vocal group that rehearses weekly on Wednesday evenings.

Praise Band - "Elevation"

Guitars, drums, electric keyboard, and vocalists make this group shine each week in our Non-Traditional Worship service.   Rehearsals are on Thursday nights, and they are always open for new musicians and singers.

Chancel Chimes Handbells

Brass handbells ring out about once a month in our Traditional Worship service.  They play as the full Chancel Chimes group, and also as duets, and other smaller ensembles.  Rehearsals are on Thursday nights.

Special Groups - Soloists, Instrumentalists, and Small Ensembles

We invite all kinds of music in our worship -- tell us your gift and we'll try to weave it in the story of our praise to God thru music.